Punk Mfers Mint & FAQ

You can mint your Punk Mfers HERE

However, you may have some questions before that. I’ll try, to the best of my ability, to address the most common questions I’ve gotten in the run-up to the Pmfers release.

Wen launch?

Sunday, 02.13 @ 4:20 PM/EST

How many Pmfers are there?

There are 6699 Punk Mfers.

What do they cost?

0.0069 + mint. The smart contract is a gas reduced one, so gas fees should be half of what you’d normally pay for a mint.

Can I mint as many as I want?

The max mint amount is 20. Smart contracts don’t like big mints. In addition, it would be a shame if a few mfers bought the entire collection — Pmfers for all who want, I say!

Wen reveal?

The reveal will be Monday, 02.14 @ 4:20 PM/EST (24 hours after launch).

Wen roadmap?

Wat roadmap? There is no roadmap ’cause mfers don’t need one. Apart from promising a healthy donation to the mfer community, there are no promises. I do have a wishlist of sorts: I’d like to set up a DAO or staking option, but only if the Pmfers community wishes.

Is this a scam, a rug pull, a cash grab, eh?

No. As I make very few promises, there’s not much rug to pull. When Sartoshi and the mfer community took me in, I promised myself to show the same generosity, respect and care in return. The mfer community is quite special, and shame on anyone who double-crosses them!

Why don’t Punk Mfers look anything like OG mfers?

I wanted to unite two radically different styles from two truly amazing collections… Just because, really. I also added my own style and approach to the artwork. I’m a bit of a minimalist and knit-picker, so to make the art as meme-like as mfers, is beyond my capability. One could argue that much humor and personality is lost this way, but I think I’ve made up for that with a unique style: I’ve never seen any NFT artwork that fuses the pixel style of CryptoPunks with a hand drawn flow and softness. This “soft pixel” style is one of a kind in the NFT world, as far a I know.

I hope that answered most of your questions properly, mfer, but feel free to ask more, either here or on Discord.



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Punk Mfers

Punk Mfers is a derivative collection based on Mfers by Sartoshi and Cryptopunks by Larva Labs.